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There seems to be this misconception that we cannot possibly eat out and stay within our balanced diet. If we arrange a meal with a friend or we decide to pick up some food on the way from work, we simply right the day off and call it a “cheat day.” However, there are healthy, indulgent, and balanced food options and this is what Guasa is all about. Read on to discover more about the healthy and tasty Venezuelan food options we serve up! 

Stop going for the same old tired buffet choices 

How many times have we been to a corporate event and picked up a stale sausage roll or an egg and cress sandwich from the buffet table? Yes, we are grateful for the free food, but it doesn’t exactly impress or cause any sort of excitement, does it? If you go for the same catering services as everyone else, you are missing out on an opportunity to wow your attendees. 
Arepa is a type of Venezuelan food that is made from ground maize dough. It is eaten daily in Venezuela and in other parts of South America, and we are delighted to bring this delicious snack to the UK. 
In these countries, it is typically served with the likes of diablito, which is a deviled ham spread, as well as avocado, chicken, various meats, cheese, and nata, which is a type of fresh cheese. 
What fillings can you choose from at Guasa? 
However, rather than simply bringing you the traditional arepa fillings, we have brought some contemporary flavours and fresh ingredients to this conventional type of Venezuelan cuisine. So, let’s take a look at some of the arepa fillings we offer: 
We all know why rum is one of the most popular spirits in the world. It comes with a complexity of flavours - from caramel and vanilla to smoke and earth - an extremely smooth blending capability and a downright delicious taste. What’s more, it has no carbohydrates or fats. 
But why is Venezualan rum the cream of the crop? You only have to look behind the counter of most mainstream bars and clubs all over Europe to realise it is the continent’s choice. They know that it can be served as is or make for a range of tasty cocktails. That’s because the favourable climate and richness of Venezualan land foster an extraordinary sugar cane from which molasses with a higher concentration of fermentable sugars are extracted. It is even a protected designation of origin (DOC), basically meaning the EU and UK have acknowledged its worth protecting. 
At Guasa’s Venezualan Buns and Rum, you’re spoiled with choice for ways to enjoy the revered liquor. You can devour it straight as a shot, complete with an orange wedge + cinnamon, with cola, or in one of our popular Venezualan cocktails. 
We offer three taste-bud-exploding rums. Arguably the most famous of venezuelan rums, the 1 Diplomatico Mantuano (25ml, 40% vol) has been distilled since 1959. The beautiful dark-golden rum is known for its rich, sweet and fruity taste and has been aged up to eight years. Our 2 Santa Teresa Gran Reserva (25ml, 40% vol) is not far behind on the renowned scale. Aged in oak for up to five years, this fruity, woody rum will keep you going back for more. Last but definitely not least, our 3 Pampero Aniversario (25ml, 40% vol) is our most full-bodied and fruity rum. It has an incredibly smooth, even finish. Aged in whisky and bourbon barrels up to six years - what’s not to love? 
In the height of the pandemic, foodies who desperately missed their favourite restaurant’s meals while being confined to their homes found comfort in DIY kits. 
While we all hope lockdowns are a thing of the past, the DIY trends they fostered have remained popular - and for good reason. They’re convenient and creative, allowing you to not only consume the delicious end product but also feel the excitement of making it and learning the secret ingredients behind your taste buds' bliss. 
GUASA is no exception. Our DIY kits contain everything you need to bring Venezuela to your doorstep and create our full flavoursome experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can put together six of our staple meals: Buffalo Beef Arepa, GUASA Chicken Arepa, Two Little Pigs Arepa, Vegan Jackfruit Arepa, Smoky Beans Arepa, and Arepa Burger. 
The process couldn’t be easier: unbox, heat up, serve, fill and enjoy. 
Lockdowns and travel bands were tough, but fortunately Londoners had the next best thing to hopping on a plane and flying to vibrant Latin America – indulging in its delicious cuisine from their very own city with Guasa. And now, many of them will have an even shorter journey to their beloved Guasa venue with our new stores in Greenwich and Croydon. 
Dubbed ‘an architectural fashion show,’ Greenwich’s stylish new Design District complex is the perfect new home for our mouth-watering Venezuelan food. Guasa lovers can treat themselves after a leisurely shop or game of rooftop basketball court with one of our tasty Aperas sold inside the caterpillar-shaped food hall. 
In Croydon, you’ll truly feel like you have been transported straight to Latin America as the Sluggers at Boxpark oozes with its culture and cuisine. You have the chance to indulge in Latin American baseball culture while your taste buds hit home runs with Guasa’s signature dishes. 
Of course, customers closer to our original two venues, Mercato Metropolitano and Old Spitafield Market, can still head there for their Venezuelan food hit. The former, in the south, boasts London’s first sustainable community market and brims with trendy stalls. Further north is the latter, a bustling and covered market with 350 years of history. 
Okay, you’re impressed with the variety of fun spaces you can fill your stomach up with Guasa, but we know you love us for our actual food (and for good reason). Let us remind you why that is. 
Buffalo Beef. Two Little Pigs. Smoky Beans. Guasa Chicken. Vegan Jackfruit. We apologise for increasing your appetite at the site of these enticing words. They’re the amazing combinations of our Arepas that keep you coming back. Guasa’s mission is to bring these traditional Venezuelan buns to the masses. 
One of the many great perks of our heavenly, handmade, artisan buns is their white corn base. That means they’re naturally gluten-free. The premium buns are traditionally grilled and stuffed with any vegan, veggie or meat - an art no-one does better than Guasa. 
Want to wash down your Arepa with something equally satisfying? Choose from the best aged rums Venezuela can offer, available on our menu. Having a party? We can send our delicious Arepas and other treats to your home or office. Want to be involved in the creation process? Our DIY kits are your answer. You can even hire our food truck to spice up your event. This might sound cheesier than our popular, salty, fresh Llanero, but Guasa really has something for everyone and all occasions. 
We don’t know about you, but we have definitely got that festival feeling at the moment! With Freedom Day announced, festivals are set to get a lot bigger. All of the big guns are getting involved, with the likes of Wireless Festival announcing full capacity events (subject to negative tests or being vaccinated, of course!). However, considering the empty fields and lack of glitter and sparkles in 2020, things are certainly looking a lot brighter. 
Here at Guasa, we love filling up our calendar with festival events, bringing our tasty arepas to a fresh audience. We have already had the pleasure of taking part in the Life Lessons Chiswick Festival, and you can find us at a whole host of other festivals throughout the coming months as well. This includes the following: 
Now you can get you favourite Gluten Free Arepas, some really delicious Tequeños (Cheese Sticks) or even some crunchy Yuca Frita (Cassava Fries) while watching your favourite TV show or film at home.  
Devouring an Arepa in London accompanied with a refreshing Polar Beer (Venezuelan beer) or a Vagabond beer (Gluten Free beer) while watching a football match is not a bad idea either, is it? 
Either you decide to go for a meat option, maybe veggie or even vegan arepas, this is an excellent news. 
Just few weeks ago, we had one of the most exciting experiences we've had in Guasacaca. At the beginning, excited by the idea of having a trip driving up to Wales for about 5 hours which actually ended up in 7 long hours but full of magnificent views and beautiful nature. Then, we arrived at Portmeirion, North West Wales. Small town, colourful and amazingly well organized and this was indeed the place of Festival Number 6. Honestly, not sure how long this Festival was running for but we were really lucky to take part of the last one (at least for now, as they are taking a break) and being part of such a cool festival.  
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